Global brand builder, creative thinker and conceptualist

Rob Bee

Robert J. Bee

Robert has extensive Fortune 500 experience serving companies including P&G, Colgate Palmolive, BMW, VW, Jaguar, Air France, Lufthansa, Ferrero, Richardson-Vick.  He also has an impressive track-record working with many mid- to small-size businesses in the US. Robert has been the lead creative/consultant on highly effective and results-driven branding and marketing projects in the United States and Europe.

For over twenty years Robert has been instrumental in generating growth for global businesses by creating and managing brand images that have been successful in small domestic and large international markets. He’s received numerous national and international awards for his work.. He has particular expertise in managing projects with multiple stakeholders and multicultural teams. He draws on his diverse experience in industry sectors in developed and emerging markets, start-ups, high-growth markets, turnarounds, joint ventures, acquisitions and other strategic alliances, to support fully integrated brand management.

Robert has a track-record as a highly creative problem-solver with entrepreneurial skills and a special talent for creating unmistakable brand personalities and ad campaigns for b2b and b2c products and companies.