B4B offers a network of experts that combine their expertise with great passion for branding. We incorporate these experts according to their respective field of competence and based on the subject, size and complexity of the project.

Guenter Kaefer

Guenter is an internationally recognized branding expert. He is also the creator of the Brand Genome Process, a market proven brand definition system that has helped businesses of all sizes to define and position their brands sucessfully in their respective markets. To find out more about the “Brand Genome Process” click on www.kaefermarkengenom.de.


Jim Cossetta

Jim is CEO and Co-Founder of 4What Interactive, one of the top digital marketing firms in the US. He and his team come into play when we reach the “how & which” phase: “How do we communicate. and in which communication channels?” To learn more about Jim and 4What, please check out: www.4What.com


Kurt Roenspeck & Frank Offermanns

Kurt & Frank are an award winning creative team with extensive international experience.  The are part of the “What”-process. What do we say and what does it look like. Together with Rob they design the creative communication messaging tools based on the results of the brand genome process. For more info: www.green-united.com


Mark Lesselroth

Mark Lesselroth, (German-American) heads BBD an international business development consultancy specializing in business synergy, bringing businesses together that can mutually benefit from one another. In the area of sustainability we have been focusing on German companies who are known for their technological advances in this area, and how their solutions can be exported and integrated in the United States. www.brennerbd.com



Ralf Weber

Ralf Weber, President/Partner at m/e brand communications. “Facing international markets and arenas B2B brand communication needs a 360 degrees perspective and an appropriate communication management. That’s why m/e takes a holistic branding approach. In today’s interactive world, we need to apply different media channels, but at same time control campaigns, projects, messages and targets tightly and synergistically to achieve greatest possible impact. www.me-dus.com