“The Brand Genome Process incorporates the development and implementation of distinctive brand communication for a systematic build-up of brand value/capital.”


Brand Assessment.

The process begins with a 1-day brand assessment session. It’s paramount that the participants are made up of all board members and brand experts who contribute to the overall brand image.

The Brand Genome consists of 3 genes:
The category gene, the identity gene, the performance gene.

  • Brand category gene
    The analysis of the brand category gene is an analytical assessment covering the specifics and structures of the overall market, the relevant positioning of the competing market participants and the specific needs and structures of the target groups.

  • Brand identity gene
    The brand identity gene is shaped by the specifics of a brand’s character. Its name alone provides a fundamental identity classification. With its tonality, its range of associations, its ordinariness or extraordinariness, the name is always a strong brand signal.

  • Brand performance gene
    Performance facets describe key properties, status and successes that determine a brand’s identity.